Nice cream

Hello, Summer! You finally decided to arrive in Vancouver! With the warm weather upon us I started to crave my favourite summer treat: ice cream. I mean, who hasn’t sat down with a tub of ice cream and polished it off? If you haven’t, I’m not sure where you get the self control but I … More Nice cream

6 Months In

Before Ellis, parents always told me how fast time goes by when you have kids. I remember thinking of this leaving the hospital with our little baby girl and being so sure it was going to be easy and just fly by. I remember wanting to take the one week photo of her and counting … More 6 Months In

Mama Bear

I don’t know at what point I became so touchy with what people say, but I am. I’m not sure if it’s my ‘mama bear’ coming out, or I’m just starting to realize that people speak without thinking. My biggest pet peeve since becoming a mom is people giving their opinion when it’s not necessary. … More Mama Bear

DIY Floating Shelves

Anyone who lives in a condo knows the struggled of nonexistent storage space. I wanted to make a useable option for Ellis’ bathroom that was functional and cute, and I came across Shanty 2 Chic’s floating shelves and decided to use her plans found here: DIY Floating Shelves – I should note though, I roughly followed the plans and … More DIY Floating Shelves

Fail- Story time

This Easter we flew to visit family in Calgary and took Ellis on her very first flight. I wasn’t too nervous about flying with her, I just dreaded the packing part. After packing for trips for 20 some years you’d think I’d be able to do it without forgetting something…wrong. But, I figure there is … More Fail- Story time

Solo napper

As Ellis transitioned out of the newborn phase I felt it was time to change things up a bit, because up until then, I had held her for every single nap she took (6+ a day!). I realized I needed to establish more of a routine with her if I wanted to have any control … More Solo napper