Fail- Story time

This Easter we flew to visit family in Calgary and took Ellis on her very first flight. I wasn’t too nervous about flying with her, I just dreaded the packing part. After packing for trips for 20 some years you’d think I’d be able to do it without forgetting something…wrong. But, I figure there is no better time to ‘adult’ than as a new mom. This time I tried making lists of everything I needed to bring and would you believe it – I didn’t forget anything!

After going through security, we waited to the bitter end of boarding to hop on the plane so we could reduce time spent immobile. And as we boarded the flight, I could feel everyone staring at me – not in the “wow, what a cute baby ” way, but in the “please do not sit a crying baby beside me” way. I gave her a bottle as we took off to help with the pressure on her ears, and she drifted off to sleep. Lucky us. The first 30 minutes were perfect!

As my sister ever so delicately puts it “having a baby on a plane is like holding a ticking time bomb”. I finally understood why when I looked down to see one little eye open after a short catnap just as the drink carts were rolling down the isle. I’m not sure if it was the altitude, the bottle she just had, or pure lucky timing, but she decided it was the perfect time to poop. Not the little poot (toot that turns into a poo) as my brother in-law calls it, but the loud grunting, shots fired poo. We exchanged frantic looks, grabbed the diaper bag and attempted to get down the isle. The looks of sheer panic on our faces must have tipped the flight attendants off too, as they moved the carts without exchanging any words.

I got into the bathroom with Ellis and tried to change her as fast as I could before the poo seeped out her diaper. I failed. And let me tell you – you do not know stress until you are changing a crying baby in a hot, smelly, cramped airplane bathroom during turbulence, with the intercom is telling me to return to my seat. My daughter has impeccable timing, as always!

From my last fail story, I learned to have multiple outfits in the diaper bag for instances like this. I changed her into an equally cute outfit and returned to our seats. My logic is that the cuter your baby looks, the less likely people will be upset with when they inevitably cry. We continued our short (thankfully) flight, and had a wonderful trip!

What I learned:

  • Diaper Genie travel bags are a diaper bag must have! These were perfect for bagging the poopy clothes and keeping them in the diaper bag without everything else getting soiled.


  • Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Pacifier & Toy Wipes are amazing to have in the diaper bag. In our frantic state of getting Ellis to the bathroom, we managed to drop not one, but two pacifiers on the ground. I know people will say germs are good for kids and I’m being paranoid about wiping down her soother, but if I would NEVER put something in my mouth after touching a dirty airplane floor, why would I let my baby do this? The wipes were perfect to quickly clean the soothers – after I got on my hands and knees trying to locate them…




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