Fail- Story time


When one of my best friends came to visit from Ottawa, I was plagued with one of the world flus I’ve had. It came on within a few hours and left me lying on the bathroom floor. One of the many perks of having a best friend for 12 years though, is that she’s seen me at my absolute worst, and believe it or not, hanging onto the toilet in my underwear is not even it! The last day she was here, I managed to pull myself out of bed and head downtown for lunch in a trendy restaurant in an even trendier neighborhood. I looked hungover, with big sunglasses on, a messy bun and in “dress sweats” I am so fond of, but this was the only time I wish I was in fact hungover because that means the night before would have at least been enjoyable.

Halfway through lunch, miss Ellis decided it was the perfect time to have a massive poo blowout – the kind you know for sure is already seeping through her outfit. I went to change her in the makeshift changeroom – the Chill Winston staff’s break room, where they ever so nicely set up a change mat for me as I guess most parents don’t bring babies to trendy places? To no surprise, poo was absolutely everywhere. I used 20+ wipes and managed to clean her enough to continue our lunch, but as I opened our diaper bag to my horror, we had not packed one extra piece of clothing to change her into. She destroyed her outfit and had only a diaper left. It’s winter- a Vancouver winter- but still, way too cold for just a diaper in the stroller, so I wrapped her up in a blanket and came out to break the bad news to my Husband. At that moment we felt like the worst, ill-prepared parents ever. My hubby then ran around the area until he found a store selling any baby clothes, where he found the most awful blue doggie sleeper, but baby girl was warm!


Lesson learned:

1. Make sure the diaper bag is fully stocked with changes of clothes in the likely chance your daughter poos three days worth.

2. Babies don’t care if you’re sick. Pull yourself together and pack properly!

Do you have a fail story? I’m sure you do and I’d love to hear it! Comment down below 🙂






One thought on “Fail- Story time

  1. It happens to all of us!

    Hannah was about 10 months and we were visiting Rick & Shona in Edmonton. We went to the West Ed Mall…..Hannah peed thru a cute outfit while watching the dolphin show….while sitting on Uncle Rick’s lap… change of clothes with us but thankfully, an abundance of kids stores in the mall! Gymboree came to the rescue, bought her a nice new outfit and they kindly let me change her in their stockroom!


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