Hi! My name is Sarah and this is my story.

My little family of four live in the Vancouver area. We moved out here from Ontario three years ago with our Boston Terrier, Maya, and vowed to explore more and take advantage of the balmy weather the west coast best coast gives us. Before baby, we spent our weekends sailing, hiking, brewery hopping, exploring the PNW, and of course, binge watching Netflix seasons.


Now, as baby makes four, we are trying to find the balance between who we were and who we’ve become. So far, we’ve somewhat maintained our active lifestyle and are enjoying the quiet, slow moments at home with our perfect little family.

Joel and I met in high school, and have been together for well over a decade now. We have grown up together and have also been through the horribly awkward phases together too, with the pictures to prove it.


Before I went off to Manhattan to complete my masters, Joel popped the question and we married in the Dominican Republic 10 months later, in an intimate ceremony with 26 of our closest family and friends. We were barefoot, drunk in love and in complete bliss. It was a perfect day.


We wanted to enjoy our time as a married couple doing everything we love and establishing careers before expanding our family. So after backpacking around Southeast Asia in December 2015, we decided it was the perfect time to start having babes.

Exactly a year later we were blessed with the most perfect baby girl, Ellis.


We are slowly easing into life with our little one and are learning on a daily basis. It’s been challenging, overwhelming, exhausting and frustrating at times, but they have has also been the best moments of my life.

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Welcome to my world; my journey into motherhood – where I attempt to find my new normal and strike a balance in my life with all things baby.



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