Mama Bear

I don’t know at what point I became so touchy with what people say, but I am. I’m not sure if it’s my ‘mama bear’ coming out, or I’m just starting to realize that people speak without thinking. My biggest pet peeve since becoming a mom is people giving their opinion when it’s not necessary. I have accepted that many will give advice whether you want it or not, but personal opinions are different.

What we tend to hear the most is “wow, what a big baby’. It’s simple enough, but it irks me beyond belief. I take such offense to it and I’m not really sure why. Joel and I were both 9 pound babies so to think we would have a small baby was unrealistic to begin with. Ellis was born 9 lbs 1 ounce, has always been a great eater, and is perfectly healthy. Now, at almost 6 months, she’s in the 50th percentile for weight yet in the 95th percentile for height. She is one tall lady, but we only ever hear how big she is. I can’t understand why people feel the need to give their unsolicited opinions. Whatever happened to the classic “oh, she looks so much like you!” or “wow, with those long legs she’ll probably be a swimmer!”

It’s become more of a joke between us because we know she’s perfect and people are often clueless in their word choice. I recently spoke to my Grandma about this and she completely understood, as my dad was a so-called ‘big baby’. She told me people used to ask “what’s wrong with your baby?” as though they thought he should be walking and talking, but in reality, he was still too young to be doing both. Can you imagine?!

Usually, I laugh it off but there are days where it bothers me more than it should, and I don’t know why. It makes me feel like an inadequate parent as though I’m somehow overfeeding my ‘giant baby’. On a daily basis, I am shocked by people offering their opinions and misinformed advice about my baby. Any advice from other mamas out there? What comments irk you?




One thought on “Mama Bear

  1. You would think that people would realize that babies, much like adults, come in all shapes and sizes!!! You need a really snazzy comeback for when you’re miffed. I guess “My, what a big mouth you have” may be a bit excessive but who knows!

    I remember soooo many people commenting on both of my kids when they hit the floor running…..they were very busy and active…..I’d usually get “Wow….she/he’s really active/rambunctious/quick/full of beans eh?” To which I’d occasionally respond, “Well, it’s the cheapest gym membership I’ve ever had!”

    Take the comments in stride cuz you’re sure to get them on a daily basis outside of your 4 walls at home!

    Ellis is perfect in my books! 💗

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