Fail- Story time

  When one of my best friends came to visit from Ottawa, I was plagued with one of the world flus I’ve had. It came on within a few hours and left me lying on the bathroom floor. One of the many perks of having a best friend for 12 years though, is that she’s … More Fail- Story time

Favs and Fails

When I was pregnant, I did my research. I searched mommy blogs and Instagram accounts, and scoured product reviews to find the best of the best for my little babe. And now, after almost 3 months of product testing, I officially have my first list of favourites and the fails. FAVS doTERRA Lavender oil rollerball  … More Favs and Fails


This past Friday I decided it was time to venture out of the house on my own and do something just for me. After having my sweet Ellis 10 weeks ago, the most active thing I’ve done is walking the mall circuit with the stroller in one hand and a Starbucks in the other. I … More Mamaste